J. Style

Currently in Montreal, QC, Canada

  • Height

    6ft 3in

  • Gender Identification


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  • Casting Range

    16 - 35

  • Age Spectrum


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Mukoma-K. Nshinga, also known as “J. Style”, discovered street dance at the age of 7 when he started B-Boying. However, it's through movies like You Got Served that he developed a passion for dance. He began training in Popping with the best dancers in the city, including MonstaPop and Venom. Fascinated by this dance style's illusory movements, his interest in Popping grew to a point where he soon embarked on a series of trips overseas to further develop and perfect his art. He then continued training with internationally renowned dancers like Djidawi (FR), and Rashaad (USA) and Paradox (NL). These trips brought new inspiration to his dance and helped him define his own style as well as perfect his technique. They also gave him the opportunity to participate in competitions and face off against the best Poppers in the world. He was in fact a finalist at the 2020 Juste Debout American qualifiers . The world’s biggest street dance competition. He’s also been a Canadian representative at international competitions such as Battle Bad in France and Royal Rumble 5 in Switzerland. Today, Mukoma divides his time between different creative projects, teaching and travelling to perfect his craft. He directed and featured in his short-film in 2019, KANK: A Dance EP, for which he held a successful screening party the same year. His growing interest for Bruk Up and Flexing has made him take regular trips to New York City in order to dive in the culture.


  • Hip Hop
  • Popping
  • Bruk Up
  • Flexing
  • Street Dance