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The Online Platform for Casting and Connecting Dancers Worldwide.

Create Your Dancer Profile


DanceHypha allows its members to submit to quality castings and opportunities. Members can create their professional profile – including images, bio, videos, and more – to build and manage their dance identity online.

DanceHypha also provides productions, directors, choreographers, and casting directors a powerful tool for efficiently connecting with interested & available dancers from around the world.

Current Features

Dancer Profiles

A page for you to develop and share your portfolio, and to be seen by producers, directors, choreographers, and casting directors seeking talent.

Mobilize Your Career

Wherever you move, DanceHypha moves with you. Stay connected to career opportunities wherever you are or will be in the future.

Jobs & Auditions

Browse and submit to pre-approved opportunities – or post an opportunity – on our Castings board. It’s where you’ll find your next project or the talent you need to bring your vision to life.

Casting Assistance

Looking for something specific for your project? DanceHypha can provide a selection of casting directors and choreographers who can assist you in finding the ideal candidates.

Approved Agents

Booked a big job through DanceHypha and not represented? Not a problem. DanceHypha can provide a list of agents who may be able to advise you and negotiate your contract.

Featured Dancers

A rotating showcase of select members to share their artistry, provide them with additional exposure, and to highlight the incredible talent available on the platform.

Future Features

Dancer Resources

A comprehensive list of external support to aid, educate, protect and connect dancers. DanceHypha is dedicated to providing resources that empower our community.

Dancer Lists

Catalogue and save lists of dancers on our platform. Organize them by project, location, style, etc.


DanceHypha casts work across mediums – from feature films, TV, commercials, and music video; to concert dance and tours; to theatrical projects and more. We work with collaborators from every corner of the industry and are proud to partner with prominent brands, organizations, choreographers, and dancers globally.


As part of our pre-launch, DanceHypha is offering dancers a discounted annual membership for $48 USD / year. Create your Dancer Profile to be considered for upcoming opportunities while we continue to develop the many features of our site.

Create Your Dancer Profile