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NOTICE DATE: May 08, 2023
Hamilton, ON, Canada
  • Great dancers and singers.
  • Age Range: 18 years and above who can convincingly portray characters aged 16 or 17 years old.
  • Must be a Canadian citizen.
  • Must submit self-tape and talent information form.
Project Title:
Gangnam Project
Project Type:
K-Pop Series - [Non-Union]
Project Description:
  • We are currently casting for an exciting new K-POP series and are searching for exceptional talent across Canada. If you possess singing and dancing abilities and have a youthful appearance.
  • Please check the audition instructions and full character description:
  • Hannah: (Lead Role) Ideally 18+ years old but to look 16/17 years.Bi-racial. Korean. Grew up in Canada. An optimistic go-getter who loves helping people. Great singing voice but has stage fright. Hannah goes to work in Korea as an English tutor to strengthen her university application and connect with her Korean identity. Her assumptions about the world of K-pop-and herself-are challenged as she nurtures her secret passion for performance and discovers what it means to be her authentic self. Talent must be Fluent in English. (Korean and other languages are a plus so please make a note). Talent must be able to sing and dance. Click here for the audition package.
  • LEO: (Lead Role) Ideally 18+ years old but to look 16/17 years. Korean, preferably bi-racial. Grew up in Canada. Athletic and very charming. Loves K-pop and has a talent for dancing. Undisciplined. A recent high-school graduate, Leo tags along with his younger sister Hannah to work in Korea. At One Mile Entertainment, he starts from the bottom ranks and learns that it’ll take hard work, not just talent and charm, to make his dreams of becoming a K-pop trainee come true. Fluent in English. Korean and other languages are a plus so please make a note. Great singing voice and excellent dance ability especially in hip/hop. Click here for the audition package.
  • SUPREME: (Lead Role) Ideally 18+ years old but to look 16/17 years. Korean. Supreme is the son of diplomats and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. With all the entitlement in the world, Supreme has never had to work hard at being excellent. He’s athletic and creative and his magnetic personality has always put the spotlight on him. He is One Mile’s future superstar and all eyes are on him – except for his parents, who are always traveling and working which has put a chip on his shoulder that he’s getting tired of carrying. Fluent in Korean and English and other languages are a plus so please make a note. Seeking a great singer and excellent dancer. Click here for the audition package.
  • CHAN MI: (Recurring Principal Role) Ideally 18+ years old but to look 16/17 years. She is everything you want in a K-pop star – beautiful, glamorous, and talented, but paired with being emotional, petty, and sensitive, Chan-Mi is an intimidating force of nature at OME. Growing up poor, there is so much at stake with her becoming successful at OME. After her parents died, she became the caretaker of a younger sister who she left with relatives in the country as she went to Seoul to pursue not only her dreams, but a way out of their life of hardship. Touted as the next big female K-pop export, Chan-Mi is supposed to stay single, stay focused, and stay out of trouble, all of which she casts to the wind in being in a relationship with Supreme. Fluent in Korean – conversational English. Talent must be a great singer and dancer. Click here for the audition package.
  • Rehearsals: Talent will be required for a few weeks for rehearsals but the exact schedule is TBD.
  • Outside Dates: July 10, 2023 – September 1, 2023.
  • ACTRA, 50% advance.
Additional Notes:
  • Self-tapes must be sent directly to before Friday, May 12, 2023 at 2:00 PM EST.

Submission Deadline has Passed