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NOTICE DATE: August 12, 2021
Tampa, FL, USA
  • Principal Female Dancer/Actor (Late 20s – Late 30s)
  • Principal Male Dancer/Actor (Late 20s – Late 30s)
  • The lead in our holiday love story. Must be able to convey anarrative through movement and facial expressions. This is acat and mouse romance, playful but genuine. Style of dance isold school musical theater with a modern day twist.
Project Title:
Neiman Marcus Holiday Commerical
Project Type:
Commercial - Non-Union
Project Description:
  • Fred Astaire meets Busby Berkeley with a modern and grounded twist all taking place in a winter wonderland holiday commercial. We need exceptional dancers with acting ability to lead us through a fun cat and mouse playful romance.
  • Rehearsal in NYC - Sept 9th, 2021
  • Rehearsal / Fitting in Florida - Sept 10 & 11, 2021
  • Shoot in Florida - September 15, 2021
  • $400 USD per 10hr Rehearsal/Fitting Day (3 Days)
  • Shoot Day: $650 USD / 12 Hour Day (1 Day)
  • Buyout: $2000 USD - 1 Year, All Media Buyout
  • $30/hr additional fitting session if needed
Additional Notes:
  • Record yourself dancing to the audition material provided. We understand if you are unable to film in a proper studio. Do your best to showcase your movement within the space you have available.
  • Minute close-up acting video. Picture this: you are making eyes with a cute AF person across a bar, subway car etc. Show us that story. Flirtatious, romantic, playful, sincere. How do you catch their attention? Keep it grounded.
  • Include a slate with your name, and height
  • Headshot + resume (with contact information)
  • Any imagery that shows style, lifestyle, look. (optional)
  • Any additional reel/footage that showcases your talent/abilities in dance deadline: Thursday 8/26/21 by 12 PM EST. (optional)

Submission Deadline has Passed