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NOTICE DATE: August 01, 2022
San Diego, CA
  • Seeking San Diego locals, or those with access to stable San Diego housing
  • Musical theater artists -- who are both strong dancers and singers -- to play ensemble members and potentially to cover principal roles
  • Movement: excellent dancers who can execute athletic movement and fight choreography. Stong partnering
  • Voice: all vocal types, real people with Americana/Rock sound
  • To play teenagers
  • This is a union contract, but non-union talent is welcome to submit
  • Please include any unique movement skillsets in your reel
Project Title:
The Outsiders at La Jolla Playhouse
Project Type:
Stage Musical
Project Description:
  • THE OUTSIDERS is a story about class, broken homes, protecting one’s turf, and the all-too-real American condition known as the “Haves and Have Nots.” It is a world of kids of every sort, from destitute outlaws, gas station workers, and high school dropouts (the Greasers), to the very well-appointed, college-bound, and wealthy (the Socs). This is Tulsa 1967, where to be a Soc means to be rich and white. To be a Greaser is to be poor, rejected by the Haves because of any number of facets: economic status, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity and any other facet that Tulsa Soc Society deems as 'other.' The Greasers are a group of boys who have created a chosen family that reflects the true diversity of Tulsa.
  • Based on S.E. Hinton’s Novel and Francis Ford Coppola’s Film, Book by Adam Rapp, Music and Lyrics by Jamestown Revival and Justin Levine, Directed by Danya Taymor, Choreographed by Rick Kuperman & Jeff Kuperman.
  • Rehearsals begin: January 3, 2023
  • Opens: March 5, 2023
  • Scheduled Closing: April 2, 2023.
  • Per Equity/AEA contract

Submission Deadline has Passed