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NOTICE DATE: April 09, 2023
New York City, NY
  • Seeking two contemporary dancers.
  • Age range: 20 - 35 years old.
  • Familiarity and frequent collaboration between the dancers is a plus.
  • Looking for dancers who can move together almost as one organism.
  • Unique and interesting types are preferred.
  • Only considering locals in the NYC area.
Project Title:
Athletic Spec Commercial
Project Type:
Spec Commercial - [Non-union]
Project Description:
  • In collaboration with DP Matthew Hayes, we are looking for a pair of dancers who are experienced in choreography and willing to move together in brand clothing similar to Savage Fenty in various locations around the Brooklyn area. This is a spec commercial and would be used purely for our portfolios and potentially submit to experimental festivals The two-day shoot would consist of mostly improvised movement (which would be lightly mapped out before the shoot), leaning heavily into an experimental approach.
  • Rehearsal: May 1, 2023: 3-hour rehearsal day with fitting and experimentation.
  • Shoot Day: May 2 -2, 2023: 10-hour shoot days, not exceeding 12 hours.
  • Covid testing stipend: $25 USD
  • Fitting/Rehearsal rate: $100 USD each
  • Two-day session rate: $450 USD
Covid Requirements:
  • We would love proof of vaccination. We are planning to test the dancers.
Additional Notes:
  • Usage: This film is for our personal websites and potentially will be on a short film platform.

Submission Deadline has Passed